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Your First Visit

Our office provides you with the highest level of customer service along with complete chiropractic health care.

When you enter our office, Ale or Casey will greet you and start gathering the necessary information for your care.

Once you are escorted to an examination room, Dr. Pulley or Dr. Huston will discuss your case including describing what you should expect from the examination and providing answers to your questions.

After reviewing your history, the doctor will complete a chiropractic physical exam. This examination has three goals. First, to determine what is happening with you. In other words, what is causing your ailment? Second, to ascertain why that problem is present. Third, to determine if chiropractic care is right for you. East Village Chiropractic only accepts patients if the doctor believes it is likely chiropractic treatment will provide a benefit.

After examination, your doctor will explain his findings and answer the three questions. Sometimes the examination leads to a recommendation for further testing. Tests may include Radiographs or MRI scans as indicated.

Finally, your doctor will provide recommendations for care and a rationale for that care. Once you decide on the best course, the doctor will follow through with treatment.