Insurance Partners

As a particpating provider for your insurance plan we will file all claims and paperwork for you.

Our insurance specialist will determine your exact benefits under your plan and make sure that these are explained to you in detail.

We are participating providers for the following plans in the Des Moines Area:

  1. Blue Cross and Blue Shield: select plans
  2. Coventry; all plans
  3. John Deere Health; all plans
  4. Medicaid / Title XIX
  5. Medicare Part B
  6. United Health Care; all plans
  7. Principal Insurance; all plans
  8. Midland's Choice Program: select plans
  9. and many, many more

It is important to note that filing of claims does not guarantee that those claims will be paid. If for any reason your claim is denied, you will be responsible for the remainder of the charges.

To prevent the development of your expenses, we request that all copayments be made at the time the service is provided.

We do offer several different payment options to assist you in making your care easily affordable. For further details, please speak with our office staff.