Dr. Braxton Pulley

Dr. Braxton Pulley


Dr. Pulley was born and raised in Midland, Michigan and moved to Iowa in the summer of 1996.  He received is Bachelor's degree from Iowa State University in Zoology in 2000, and then moved on to Davenport, Iowa to study for his doctorate in Chiropractic. 

Upon graduation, he located to the Des Moines area and settled down with his family.  Pulley Chiropractic Health Center was opened on a cold morning, February 2nd, 2004.  The East Village has been a wonderful place to practice chiropractic, and the office grew and expanded over the years.  in 2007, he added another Chiropractor to the office, Dr. Quentin Huston, and the name of the office changed on 2013 to East Village Chiropractic to honor the neighborhood that had been so positive.

During his career, Dr.Pulley has crafted a strong approach to his role as a health care provider.  He is strongly versed in a wide variety of techniques that allow him to work with most musculoskeletal complaints.  However, his main focus has been to provide answers for his clients.  First he works on identifying the problem; diagnose it.  Once the problem is identified, then he determines if he can help.  If he can, he will begin care, if he can't, he will get you referred to someone that can.  It is ths patient centered focus that truly drives his professional career. 

Giving back to the community is a strong ethic that Dr. Pulley lives by.  He has volunteered for over 15 different non profit organizations througout the Des Moines area in areas as diverse as health, education, work training, and arts and entertainment.  He taught for 6 years at William Penn University and helped write curricula for their master's program.  NCMC, the largest chiropractic malpractice insurer, hired him on 9 years ago to help with their Starting Into Practice Program.  The company sends Dr. Pulley all over the United States to talk with students about opening a service oriented business.

Dr. Pulley has a wonderful daughter named Aria, and he is married to an amazing lady, Shelli.  He is also fortunate to have the opportunity to be in the lives of Shell's two boys, Bryson and Brady.

After Hours Phone: 515-240-9442